Love Cats? These Online Dating Sites Might Be Purrfect For You

By comparison, positive ratings for the second subject did not decline significantly when he was pictured with a cat — but women were more likely to rule him out as a potential partner. The findings are likely the result of long-held cultural stereotypes about cat and dog owners, the authors said. A survey found that men and women got matched more when they included a picture of their dog in their profile. All Rights Reserved. CNN contributed to this report. Women are making a good decision. Dogs are pack animals and will accept a female as another member of the pack. Cats may be possessive of their owner. When I was younger I preferred cats. Now I can not stand either.

Purrfect Date

You are not permitted to download, save or email this image. Visit image gallery to purchase the image. Cat-themed dating app Tabby has launched just in time for International Cat Day. Photo: Getty Images If you’re tired of falling for people only to find out they’re not a cat person, then this new dating app might be for you. A new app called Tabby promises to weed out the pet haters, solely designed for cat lovers, according to Metro UK.

It’s international cat day! You should at least be able to extort a small, humorous exhale from the person you’re interested in dating with 5 pawsome puns.

Quiet green lanes, low-rise wooden houses, generations-old tofu stores, atmospheric temples, cycling grannies, small creative ateliers — and cats. Lots of cats. Yanaka, an east Tokyo neighborhood hugging the fringes of the JR Yamanote circle, is something of an urban time capsule, with its growing population of young artisan makers and unusually well preserved buildings a lucky legacy of surviving the wartime blitz that razed other parts of the capital.

Many attribute the soaring population of stray felines in the area to something quite simple: the appeal of an unusually high concentration of temples and green spaces, something of an anomaly in an otherwise neon-lit capital. In short, these felines have good taste. Whatever the reason, Yanaka is nirvana for cat-lovers.

Those who look closely can find signs of them throughout the neighborhood — from cat trinkets and sweets for sale in local shops to a scattering of statues in the streets. Cafe Nekoemon has a classic Yanaka feel: Located in a wooden house dating back more than 90 years on a quiet sloping street, it has a latticed facade with a sliding door and white noren curtains on a bamboo pole.

Stepping inside reveals an interior that is simple and charming, with around half a dozen small tables and a sedate atmosphere that brings to mind an old-school English tearoom. Not to forget the cats: While there are no living cats in the vicinity, distinct feline forms can be spotted throughout, from the wooden cat-shaped plates and the cat clock ticking on the wall to a life-sized tabby cat sculpture sitting by the window.

Keep Your Cat Out Of Your Dating Profile, CSU Researchers Warn Men

You see, what Aoshima has to offer is cats. A lot of cats. In fact cats outnumber the approximately 20 elderly residents of the island by six to one, hence how the island earned the name Nekojima, or Cat Island.

The purrfect match? laptop cat The average house cat spends around 70% of its time sleeping – so, Want to borrow your date’s laptop to show them this great video you saw online earlier? eharmony: a relationship site, not a dating site.

Who doesn t love cats, right? But who really wants to date a cat? I mean sure, we ve heard of people marrying their pets, but that first dinner out has to be awkward, right? If loving cats is wrong, I don t wanna be right, the trailer for Purrfect Date sings at you. This is a dating sim by Bae Team… with cats.

It’s a fitting Valentines Day release! Its Steam release followed in December, when we gave it a furry positive appraisal:. Rise up, comrades, and join me, your mighty new host of Unknown Pleasures! No more shall we labour in the asset flip mines. Our days of languishing in the fields of the Plunkbat clone are over. Never again shall we line the trenches of pages 1 through 7 of the new releases list. The first question for the new regime: What are the best new games on Steam that you may have missed over the winter holidays?

You may not have heard of Aoshima Island, but every year masses of tourists dock at its tiny harbour to sample the isle’s hospitality. Yet, there are no shops, restaurants or cars, there’s barely even people.

I Can Has Cheezburger?

Mixed or average reviews – based on 10 Critic Reviews What’s this? Mixed or average reviews – based on 7 Ratings. Purrfect Date PC. User Score.

The latest Tweets from Purrfect Date (@PurrfectDate). As Cat Island’s newest arrival, it’s not long before you realise something’s seriously amiss, or should.

If you’re tired of falling for people only to find out they’re not a cat person, then this new dating app might be for you. A new app called Tabby promises to weed out the pet haters, solely designed for cat lovers, according to Metro UK. It launched just in time for International Cat Day, created by sisters Leigh and Casey Isaacson, who also made the dating app Dig for dog owners. A study earlier this year found that men who have cats in their dating profile photos get fewer matches.

So Tabby creators Leigh and Casey decided to flip the “cat lady” stereotype. Available on iOS and Android, or through their website, the app allows users to organise dates alongside cat play dates. You can put in your cat’s details alongside your own, and the app also offers deals from pet companies and advertises cat-themed events near you. Sterling says he wants guys to know that “showing compassion and rescuing cats it a great thing”.

Purrfect plan: why a young couple made a video game about dating cats

T wo years ago, over a quiet Christmas break, Oliver Hindle and Ruby-Mae Roberts decided to make a video game together. The twentysomething couple were both keen gamers; Oliver even worked at a development studio, Bossa, the company behind offbeat hits such as Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread, making their YouTube videos and trailers. The result is Purrfect Date, a game in which you … well, date cats.

It was released on PC in December and iPhone earlier this month, where it was recently made App of the Day and is attracting rave reviews from players. Given the popularity of cats on the internet and throughout social media, its success might not seem that surprising. But for Oliver and Ruby, its creation was deeply personal.

Cafe Nekoemon has a classic Yanaka feel: Located in a wooden house dating back more than 90 years on a quiet sloping street, it has a latticed.

By Latoya Gayle For Mailonline. A man who received a compliment from a woman living 4, miles away, traveled to meet her after they bonded over their shared love of cats. The group is a place for people to share pictures of their chubby or extra fluffy cats, and graphic design graduate Adam got talking to Anna she liked a picture of his pet on the group. Speaking to Metro. The pair are currently figuring out their relationship status because it’s all ‘fresh and new’, but Anna is planning to visit Adam in London in February.

After seeing Anna’s comment, Adam sent her a private message and they quickly hit it off, discovering they have a lot in common, including similar taste in music. The pair who spent months speaking on video calls and on the phone almost every day, decided to meet after both admitted to feeling a spark.

The Purrfect Match: New Dating App For Cat Lovers

Bossa studios just for bossa studios’ cat lovers? Our on-site veterinarian holding a dating game can check out in case you used to dr. Anime art and feli to access our website.

Purrfect Date is a hybrid Visual Novel/Dating Sim game with a touch of dark British who has to date cats in order to uncover the dark secrets of Cat Island.

Cat lover? Or Cat Lover – that is the question. At least it is for Purrfect Date , a cat dating simulator! If you ever wondered if you should try dating a cat or not, then this is absolutely the way to find out. Run out of fish in the sea? Perhaps you should have been looking for cats instead. Reminiscent of such dating game classics as Hatoful Boyfriend , that fantastic bird dating simulator that may have been a gateway drug of sorts for dating simulators to go as far as they want to go, which is why we can now date aliens, cat girls, dinosaurs, and now cats.

Purrfect Date opens on your character, a young scientist heading to your new job which just happens to be on a peanut-shaped island. You are on the island to research the cats, with your job duties seeming to mainly be capturing and tracking them using your… Cat-A-Log tool.

Review: Purrfect Date (PC)

Tabby is the place for single cat lovers to meet, because who wants to fall head over heels before realising that your whiskered pet is despised by your other half? The app allows people to meet and organise a date for their pet cats. Leigh and Casey Isaacson, the sisters who created this treasure, decided that there was a gap in the market after reading a study earlier this year which revealed that men who feature cats in their online dating profiles actually get fewer matches. While dogfishers get all the love with their borrowed pups, it seems kittens have the opposite effect.

The sister app, Digdates, matches those who love dogs so that the pooch or partner ultimatum need not exist.

three games have been launched on our Bossa Presents site: https://www.​ Cat romance sim Purrfect Date collars iPhone, iPad launch.

It is set on Cat Island, where the player sequentially takes on the roles of six keen, new research assistants, each granted eight days stay for romance and reconnaissance! It was created, for the most part, by developer duo, Bae Team, and published by Bossa Studios. It touches lightly on some mature themes, as expected for a dating sim, but overall, it is light-hearted, cute and silly. After the initial introduction, each research assistant can decide how much time to spend on which activities.

However, the player must complete the research in order to unlock the next chapter, and some amount of recon is required to unlock the third piece of research. Beyond this, any further recon or romance is entirely player choice, however, four dates are required to unlock the third recon task. As such playtime is varied and could easily range from hours depending on the style of play and level of completion. The activity choices make up the bulk of the interactivity and Purrfect Date is definitely a visual novel first and foremost, even dialogue options are limited and the game involves a lot of reading.

Despite a slow start, a larger story begins to reveal itself part-way into chapter two and the game as a whole gets much more interesting.

Purrfect Date #2 // CAT DATING GAME! (UM WHAT DID I FIND??)

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