Видео: ASUS X79 - RAM Cache / RAM Disk

ASUS X79 RAM Cache RAM Disk


RamDisk & RamCache

A quick look at how to create a Ram Disk and how to setup Ram Cache using the software Asus provides for their motherboards.

How to Setup a RAM Cache on an Intel X79 Motherboard

Quick walkthrough on how to setup a RAM Cache on our ASUS X79 Motherboards. http://bit.ly/v1ydot.

ASUS RAMCache II + Segate FireCuda Read/Wite Test

The test was conducted using CrystalDiskMark with RAMCache activated and deactivated. to buy Segate FireCuda.

RAM Cache performance with 32GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 Memory Kits

The performance benefits of installing 32GB of Vengeance or Dominator memory and setting up a 16GB RAM Cache.

Intel Skylake HyperX Fury 32GB DDR4 asus ram cache Test

ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING Skylake Intel Core i5-6600K Cooler NOCTUA NH-U12S CORSAIR Force GT Series 90GB ...

ASUS AI Suite III, RamDisk & Mem TweakIt Software Overview

An overview of the AI Suite III, RamDisk & Mem TweakIt Software on ASUS's Maximus VI Hero Z87 Motherboard, more information ...

how to increase hard disk cache

this is a tutorial on how to increase hardisk cache through windows. NOTE: 256mb of ram will be the minimum hello youtubers...

Simple Ram Caching Setup

This is a quick video showing how to accelerate your system using extra system memory. If you have 16B or 32GB of fast RAM, ...


Le test est biaisé par le taux d'écriture de la video sur le disque mais le principe de base est la.

ASUS X79 - SSD Caching

JJ From ASUS goes through some of the unique features of the ASUS X79 Motherboard. In this video JJ is showing us how to cut ...

Newegg TV: ASUS RAM Disk Demonstration w/ G.Skill Trident X 2800 Memory Z77 Platform

http://www.newegg.com | ASUS Z77 Motherboards: http://bit.ly/I8coTt Today J.J. from ASUS shows us the memory chops of the ...

Installing 32GB DDR3 Corsair Dominator RAM on an ASUS Sabertooth X79 Motherboard

http://dcdoolan.wordpress.com See more PC Building Videos at (http://goo.gl/ufHzTk). A short video showing the process of ...

Benchmarks SSD, SD, M.2 NVMe, and RamCache benchmarks on the new rig.

Here are some of the results of the 950 pro: Storage Type Seq. Read (MB/s) 4k QD32 $ per GB 7200 RPM 50 0.8 $0.02 SSD 460 ...

SSD RAM Caching: 3GB/S !

SSD RAM Caching is a technologie that allow us to use RAM to cache the SSD (or a HDD) and so speed up task on the computer, I ...

How to use RAM as cache to speed up disk performance

Super Simple How to Tutorial Videos in Technology. The only channel that is backed up by computer specialist experts who will ...


Did I just waste my 40$ on getting a 240gb ssd? Getting under 5 sec windows boot on my 7200 RPM Toshiba HDD.

How to Build an Intel X79 Custom PC 2/2

ASUS gives an overview of components selected as well as build process of an ASUS X79 PC. ASUS X79 Build List Case: ...

ASUS USB BIOS Flashback Feature UPDATED (11/2012)

UPDATE (11/2012): Latest ASUS BIOS now use CAP format for improved boot times, performance and security. Format rename ...

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